6 ways to streamline HR processes with atSpoke

With the atSpoke ticketing platform HR teams are able to deliver a modern, responsive experience for employees by streamlining HR processes. From onboarding, to policy, to sensitive questions; get your people answers without long turnaround times or digging for information, while focusing HR where their expertise is needed most. Replace toggling between systems or answering “Do we have Veterans Day off?” with access to information all from one front door, all while maintaining confidentiality and tracking every step. 

Read on to learn why Handshake and hundreds of HR teams choose atSpoke.

Auto-answer routine employee questions with AI

Eliminate time spent answering the same benefits, holiday, and policy questions “over and over” by getting employees convenient and immediate AI-automated responses. Employees can access self-help in the tools they already use, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. With natural language understanding (NLU), employees can ask questions directly in chat without needing to know special terminology or the exact name of a system to locate answers. 

Service responses through atSpoke are personalized with auto-resolution that understands who is asking the question and curated responses based on who they are (i.e. by manager, location, department). This means no more “Sorry that only applies to our USA staff, my mistake” scenarios!  And for global teams, team schedules can service users in all time zones without delays.

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Escalate to the best HR subject matter expert with intelligent routing

HR processes are multi-step and can involve several questions. To address complex questions immediately, atSpoke can route and assign the appropriate HR expert best equipped to answer based on subject matter expertise and availability. Eliminate the email CC chain as requests make their way to the expert only to find them out of office that week and unavailable. And since the atSpoke AI bot learns how to answer this question for next time, your team won’t have to step in on this type of question again! 

Handle confidential matters securely, and control access appropriately

HR processes require an added level of security. Ensure only the right people see the right information with privacy settings and access controls. If you handle employee questions that should only be viewable by the HR team and requestor, create invite-only teams and use private notes. Then, ensure the correct information controls around sensitive information to restrict access as needed.

Simplify onboarding with automation of routine tasks

Deliver a consistent onboarding experience leveraging automated workflows for tasks and grant access to the full scope of resources. Instead of investing time in a cycle of repeated onboarding sessions with an endless checklist, automate the onboarding process by designing a workflow that will trigger tasks, approvals, and actions. Teammates from HR and across the organization can be tagged on a ticket allowing collaboration and end-to-end visibility.

streamline HR process with workflows

Find answers spread across different systems–and document new ones along the way

Whether the answer is buried in HRIS, ATS, or Google Drive, you can pull it up with a simple search from one place. To quickly locate information, use the integrated Knowledge Base within tickets to retrieve any existing resource on a specific issue–no matter where it is saved. Using atSpoke means there is no need to toggle between systems to find a record – simply search for specifics around employee profiles, company policies, country/state regulations faster within atSpoke. atSpoke is built to break down information silos and democratize answers across both your HR team and entire organization.

Leverage this ever-growing knowledge base added to automatically. Empower employee self-service as much as possible–while remaining confident that atSpoke will escalate the truly urgent requests your way if necessary.

Access comprehensive reporting and analytics to gain new insights

Understand your HR organization and employee needs deeper than ever before through rich, customizable analytics. Track trends, FAQs, and workplace needs with super-fine detail without spending time mapping data from disparate reporting tools. Use atSpoke’s reporting to assess where enhanced HR processes can support overall goals and create a better employee experience. Plus, you can track employee satisfaction with HR service through built-in satisfaction surveys to never lose touch with whom all this work is aimed for–your people.

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