The 5 Essential Podcasts for CTOs & CIOs

As a podcast enthusiast, I’m thrilled by the proliferation of podcast content. I’m constantly learning about new and interesting podcasts. But as the new-old saying goes, so many podcasts so little time. So I tend to focus on a short list of podcasts that are most applicable to my role as CTO. Here are my essential five podcasts.

#1 a16z – Hosted by VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. Illuminating deep dives on technology, software, and strategy. Notable episodes:

#2 Modern CTO – Hosted by Joel Beasley. Insightful and engaging interviews with top CTOs across various industries. Notable episodes:

#3 This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWiET ) – Hosted by Louis Maresca. Deep-dive discussions on present and future enterprise technologies, from IT trends, to data management best practices, to DevOps solutions. Notable episodes include:

#4 CIO Leadership Live – Jointly produced by and the CIO Executive Council, and hosted by Maryfran Johnson. In-depth interviews with top IT leaders on leadership, innovation, and business strategy. Notable episodes:

#5 Technovation – Hosted by Peter High. Interviews with top executives (CIOs, CDOs, CTOs) and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. Notable episodes include:

What’s on your essential list of CTO/CIO podcasts? I’m always delighted to discover new and interesting podcasts, so please pass along any must-listens.

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